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Tips for posting a Discovery Alert on Chien perdu 44 Loire-Atlantique

Have you observed or recovered a dog? Publish a Discovery Alert without delay. His report is quickly relayed on many media. CHIEN PERDU uses the efficient publication system put together by PetAlert!

The PetAlert network in summary

Simplicity, speed and efficiency

PetAlert is a free, professional solution to disseminate the search for a found dog and enable them to quickly find their owner.
  • Creating an Alert is quick and easy;
  • All publications are checked by our teams;
  • Reports are anonymous: your data is not visible;
  • The PetAlert platform is 100% protected.

Your publication is distributed on the platform as well as on the main social networks. Our community of watchers (volunteers) is informed immediately. Partner vets located near the discovery site are also notified.

Templates for posters and flyers are also available.

The publication of a Discovery Alert is a 100% FREE process.

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Multi-channel & 100% free

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